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HVAC Repair Service Customer Reviews

"I called for an emergency HVAC repair service when my heating furnace stopped working all of a sudden. It was super cold outside and needed quick service. HVAC Pronto came quickly to fix my heating furnace. Speed is the key here! Thank you!"
Betty S. - March 2020
"I liked the pricing of the HVAC repair for my heater. I honestly felt it was reasonably priced and the service was nice. Highly recommended!"
Timothy G. - July 2020
"I needed a maintenance check on my heater before the winter starts. Good price. The service was nice! Will use them in the future."
Adam S. - November 2020


Your HVAC system is a complex machine as it consists of many, many parts that function as a single unit. Each component must be functioning well in order for the next component to seamlessly react to one another. The whole system must function in one coherent, orchestrated manner for maximum efficiency and usage.

When each of the mechanical components is maintained on a frequent basis, it will be certain that your HVAC system will function the way it was mean to be. Having a smooth running HVAC system allows your family to experience true comfort including the benefit of having good air quality. Additionally, you will notice positive benefits in your heating and air conditioner utility bills.

On the downside, however, if something does go away with your HVAC system, we encourage you to call us at HVAC Service Pronto for fast, efficient serving in Philadelphia PA. We are available for all of your heating and air conditioning needs including emergency repair, standard repair appointments, routine maintenance, and new HVAC system installation. Below, we list the reasons why your HVAC system is either failing or not producing the right amount of efficiencies throughout your system. By being able to focus on these areas and executing a mitigation strategy, your HVAC system will have a longer shelf life. So, if you are experiencing issues with your HVAC system, these are the reasons why your HVAC system is failing.

1. Your HVAC Air Filters Are Filthy Dirty

The dirty filter issue is not an expensive fix to resolve for your HVAC system. Is a dirty filter your only issue? You are in luck! HVAC filters need to be changed during the peak seasons in the summer and in the winter. There is a common saying that your HVAC system filter needs to be changed every quarter or about 4 to 6 times a year. The nice aspect of the dirty filter issue is that it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to replace filters.

The purpose of replacing dirty filters is to ensure that pollutants are trapped in the filters so that they don’t circulate throughout your home. If you consistently forget to exchange dirty filters with clean, new ones, your HVAC system needs to work even harder to generate the clean air that the house needs for cool and hot air. The new air filter is there so that the air can go through the filter easily. If the air filter is clogged with pollutants, your HVAC system needs to work even harder.

In summary, when you do not change your air filter regularly, this is one of the primary reasons why your HVAC system fails. It’s as simple as that. Furthermore, this is the easiest approach regarding preventative measures that homeowners can act upon – so don’t forget to replace your older air filters with new ones regularly!

2. Your HVAC Dampers Are Not Balanced

Throughout your home, there is ductwork that navigates through your walls from your HVAC system to individual rooms. Within the primary supply line, there exist dampers that function as a gateway to allow air to flow through the many paths of the ductwork.

Let’s say, for example, there is an imbalance of the dampers. As a result, some rooms may feel much cooler compared to another set of rooms within the house. Alternatively, some rooms may be much warmer compared to other rooms. However, when dampers are balanced in an appropriate manner, the airflow for cool and warm air flows evenly throughout the house.

3. Your Thermostat Is Not Functioning Properly

Your thermostat may the culprit after all! Many homeowners focus on the HVAC system itself to see why the air conditioning or heater is not working as expected. What many homeowners forget to realize is that the thermostat may be malfunctioning. It’s the thermostat that may be the cause of your AC or heating issue!

The positive aspect of a thermostat issue is that replacement of a thermostat is very inexpensive. One should feel thankful that the issue is simply on the thermostat side instead of a costly issue in your HVAC system itself. From a cost perspective, overall, a thermostat issue would be the least expensive of any other issue. However, one of the more negative aspects of a thermostat issue is that it’s not obvious so troubleshooting an issue can be quite frustrating.

For troubleshooting, it’s best to hire the likes of HVAC Service Pronto to identify the issue for you rather than doing it yourself. HVAC professional contractors like us have the right experience to make your life a bit easier.

4. Your HVAC Refrigerant Is Leaking

Refrigerant is the material in your HVAC condenser that allows your air conditioner to blow cool air. With standard air conditioners, a leaking refrigerant most certainly can be a problem. This can be a common problem homeowners face which can cause the decreased performance of the heating and air conditioning unit. Worse yet, the HVAC unit can simply stop performing whatsoever. The area that is impacted would be the condenser. If the refrigerant is at a low level, the unit’s condenser would need to work much harder than if there was enough refrigerant.

5. Your HVAC Breaker Tripped

Electricity is obviously an area that is needed to power your HVAC unit. There may be instances when your circuit breaker tripped during the middle of the day or night. In normal cases, a restarting of your circuit breakers will do the trick. This action will restore the electrical circuits that are needed to power up your unit. Even when a circuit breaker is restarted, there may be other scenarios that may cause your unit to not function. If for some reason something doesn’t seem right with your circuit breaker, it’d be best to consult an electrician.

Be careful if an HVAC contractor provides an estimate via phone or text for new HVAC installs.

For new install scenarios, it is not simply a phone estimate for a new HVAC system that will provide comfort for a homeowner who needs a new AC and/or heating unit. There are too many variables to consider when assessing HVAC needs by an HVAC contractor. It would be critical for an HVAC contractor to come over to your home to assess various elements such as the location of the unit, how the ductwork is set up, the various components of the existing HVAC unit, and the like. Insulation is another factor that an HVAC contractor would need to assess. How about the windows? The number of windows would need consideration as well.

Our HVAC contractors have the expertise and experience to be able to walk step by step with all homeowners and explain what it would take for a new HVAC installation. None of the assessments can be done over the phone. We highly discourage this kind of practice as the estimate would not be accurate enough which would lead to unmet expectations on both sides. Surveying the house deeply is something that we believe is the right thing to do.

HVAC Contractor should not replace your old air conditioner with the same type as your current one

Air conditioners typically last for no more than 15 years. An experienced HVAC Contractor can provide a variety of options to ensure that your air conditioning unit is up to par which contributes to the efficiency of the HVAC system. If the HVAC contractor attempts to sell an older model to you, this may simply mean they are attempting to unload excess inventory that is stored in their warehouses. Who knows how long the air conditioning unit was sitting there? What about the warehouse temperatures?

Our HVAC contractors are trained to keep lower inventory so that costs are also at a minimum for us. Each air conditioning unit will be customized to your specific home air conditioning needs. Not all air conditioning units are the same. The size of the air conditioning unit would also need to be considered because the size of your home will help determine what size to install.

HVAC service experience – consider its ever-changing technologies

HVAC service experience is something to consider when hiring an HVAC contractor. But do not be impressed by the contractor’s years of experience! What if he/she doesn’t keep up with the latest heating and air conditioning system technologies that are out there in the marketplace? What if the HVAC service experience is only in the older systems?

Technology changes every 6 months in the HVAC business so keeping tabs on the latest trends is important to HVAC service. Ask the right questions on how the new technologies can cut costs to your ever-growing utility bill. How are the efficiencies with a newer unit? HVAC service experience is definitely important, but it is not everything.

HVAC companies and the written estimate

HVAC companies should not only provide a verbal estimate on any HVAC maintenance projects but also on new HVAC installation. Not only that, it is wise to notice the written estimate via email or physical handout. Basically, get all your estimates and official bidding via the written form and not just by verbal means. HVAC companies are trained to document the details of the HVAC maintenance and/or HVAC service agreements. The written agreement should always list the job that is going to be done.

HVAC maintenance lowest bidder can be costly

So how can an HVAC maintenance lowest bidder be costly? Doesn’t it make sense that the lowest bid is the least costly? One of the worst things that can happen is that you have a newly installed air conditioning and heating system, and it doesn’t work properly. Worse yet, it stops working. Unfortunately, the reality is that these things happen from time to time especially when routine HVAC maintenance is not implemented on a year to year basis. Main homeowners wonder why their HVAC system fails repeatedly. It can be due to the low expertise of HVAC maintenance experience.

In regards to new HVAC systems, low bid HVAC contractors simply want to win the bid. But our recommendation is never to hone in on the lowest bidders for a brand new HVAC system. Please keep in mind that your HVAC system is like the engine of your car. This is the one mechanical device you want to last the longest in your house. Your HVAC system is a complex device with many, many moving parts. You don’t want a food caterer working on your car engine. In the same way, you don’t want an inexperienced HVAC technician working on your HVAC system.

When temperatures in Philadelphia start plummeting, it will be very important for you and your family to know that your HVAC furnace is running optimally – nice and warm is the key to a comfortable winter. Our recommendation is to focus on the below 3 areas to ensure your HVAC furnace is working full time.

Program Your HVAC Furnace For Optimization

Please update your HVAC furnace thermostat before the Philadelphia cold arrives. It is the settings that you want to monitor. One of the first things to act on is to ensure that the cool and heat toggles work correctly. This means that both are working in full order. Simply confirm that the cold air is circulating. Then work on the HVAC furnace and double-check that the heat is circulating.

One recommendation we do make is to switch to a smart thermostat for both your air conditioner and HVAC furnace. Most of the smart thermostats in the market allow homeowners to log into their systems and update settings via WiFi. By doing so, you will have the ability to save on utility costs as well.

Your Floor Vents Should Be Clean

Dust can accumulate and form layers in your floor vents. That is why cleaning your floor vents throughout your home is required so that the dust is removed and air circulates freely. Always keep in mind that the dirt will accumulate over time. Additionally, let’s say that you have furniture that is leading right on the open vent. This will cause your HVAC furnace to overwork. This scenario can cause your furnace to break down due to the overwork. To avoid challenging issues with your HVAC system, open your vent covers so air flows freely.

Do Not Underestimate Regular Maintenance

It doesn’t matter if your HVAC unit is brand new or if it’s super old. Your air conditioner and heating furnace will live a longer life if you maintain it regularly. Make sure that you set reminders in your calendar to schedule an appointment. Usually, it is a good idea to schedule an appointment before using the air conditioner unit and before the heating furnace is used. That way, the HVAC system runs smoothly for that particular season.

The general rule of them is to have each HVAC system maintained at least once a year. HVAC maintenance is an important aspect of keeping your air conditioning and heating unit in good health. If you want to optimize your HVAC unit, make sure that an HVAC contractor is called upon before usage of the system. HVAC maintenance is something you’d want to take care of before the summer and winter seasons when the unit is used the most. Never underestimate the time and money needed to have your HVAC maintained. It will be money well spent especially for HVAC repair scenarios.

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