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AC Repair FAQ

Air conditioner not cooling is something you do not want happening when it’s hot and humid outside. There are a handful of observations that you will need to take hold of when your air conditioner is not cooling, and these are the reasons why you will need to consider calling us for air conditioning repair.

These items below are the more common reasons your AC system may be failing. You may or may not be able to resolve the issues on your own. Please keep in mind that these are issues you should take note of in hiring an HVAC contractor.

Your AC does not turn on: this may or may not be a thermostat issue. So checking your electrical breaker first may do the trick.

Your air conditioning system does not blow cool air: after you checked your electrical box and your air conditioning system is turned on, see if your air filter is clean. There can be many dust particles that may be blocking the airflow. Please do not underestimate a clean filter for airflow movement. This is very important. Additionally, ensure that you remove any leaves or grass from the outside unit.

Your air conditioner outputs un-even cooling: sometimes, there may be an issue with leaky ducts or blocked ventilation throughout the house. You or an HVAC company may be able to check these issues throughout the house.

Your AC is dripping water: condensation lines may be clogged. The issue may be on the PVC piping within the AC system. There may be refrigerant leaks that can cause solid ice to form through the AC system.

Your air conditioning unit is making noises: you may notice banging or creaking noises in your AC system. This may be an indicator that you need an AC contractor to assess your HVAC system.

Summers in Philadelphia PA can often be very hot and humid if your AC system is not working at its optimal levels. No air conditioner is immune to repair and on-going maintenance. Problems can arise from time to time – but it is during the peak summer months when the focus on your air conditioner is key. If you are able to get AC maintenance and repair done quickly, further damage can be prevented. That’s when your air conditioning system will work for you and your family more. These are the reasons why AC service is needed and when to call for air conditioning service in Philadelphia PA.
HVAC Service Pronto provides end to end HVAC, air conditioner, and heating solutions in Philadelphia PA and surrounding suburbs. If there is a need for emergency AC repair, air conditioner service, or anything related to your HVAC system, please give us a call, and we will be prompt to provide you the service you need.


Central Air Conditioning System – How To Choose


If there is a need for you to choose a brand new air conditioner for your home, we highly recommend you find a local Philadelphia PA HVAC company like ours at HVAC Service Pronto. It will be important for a qualified HVAC contractor to step you through the process because there are many air conditioner brands out there in the market.

The size of the air conditioning unit is also a high consideration to focus on as well. You do not want to get an AC installed in your home is large and you inadvertently select a smaller AC unit. You do not want to make that basic mistake. An AC unit that is too small will do a poor job in bringing clean, cool air into your home – all of your home, in every room. There is another issue of HVAC efficiency that our HVAC technician will communicate and guide you. The HVAC contractors like ours will ensure that your system aligns with the specifications of your home.

Dirty Or Frozen AC Coils

One of the potential issues may be that your air conditioner coils are frozen or dirty. The coil can become dirty over time. There is a solution of using UV lights that are installed into the unit which can lessen the build-up of dirt onto the coils. Your AC coils can build up dirt over time due to the humidity which can form mildew and mold onto the coils as well. As a result, your air conditioner efficiency can decrease over time. Frozen coils is also an issue due to the low refrigerant in the air conditioning system.

The Air Conditioner Compressor is Failing

The air conditioner compress is probably the most important component in your AC’s unit. The purpose of the compressor is to move freezing air between the outdoor and indoor units. If there is any cause of damage to the AC compressor, it will cause inefficiencies and issues with the cool air flowing throughout your home.

There may be occasions that your condensation drain becomes clogged due to debris and other materials trapped inside the drain. The importance of your drain is to prevent any potential leaks into your home. If you face issues with your AC compressor, it may be a solution to simply replace it. However, the downside is that it is very expensive. If your compressor is the issue, you may want to seriously consider replacing the whole AC system.

Your air conditioner system is like your car as there are some fundamental similarities in how to approach these systems. With a car, you maintain your vehicle on a frequent basis to prevent major issues. It is the same with an air conditioner system – you need to maintain the system to prevent major repairs. Issues that arise with air conditioners is inevitable. However, you can take practical action by changing your HVAC system air filters regularly. Also, before the summer and winter months, contact us for routine maintenance so that your components in your AC and heater systems are ready for the season where your HVAC unit will be used many, many hours.

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Air Conditioner Repair in Philadelphia PA

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